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Free Consultation


We set up appointment for in-home consultation where you will meet the fabricator assigned to your project who will asset the entire way though even in the installation process, he will discuss the different types of stones and options you have in fabrication. Measurements are taken of your project and designs are crafted into templates. To give you a visual of how your finished project will look. (We will have sink options available but if you are providing your own sink we must have it available)

Before leaving customers will be provided with a estimate of the cost for project. 

If and when an agreement is made a contract will be drawn up and we schedule a viewing of the different stones.

(We do not negotiate or influence the cost of the stone that is a direct dealing with the customers and the vendor we accompany the customers to assure they select the best stone to fit there design desires. Using our name to access the business to business wholesale prices your assured no added cost on slabs!)



After we have gathered all the specification of your project we submit you a design layout after you are 100 % satisfied we move on to the next step. 



After the design is okayed, we begin the fabrication process on your counter tops. The slabs are the cut using a digital stone saw, sink holes and edges are then cut out by hand using specialized tools. After slabs are cut down they under go a multi grit polishing by your fabricator. Then your ready for countertop installation. 

Installation Process


We schedule a time slot that best suits your schedule. We set up and a inspection of your new countertop surface is conducted checking to make sure it’s level and all electric are out of the way(Texas Stone will not move any electrical appliances so please make sure they are unplugged and out of the work area) by now most of your peaces are cut down to a two man manageable length. Each peace is dry fitted checked for level and adjusted, then permanently adhesive into place. 

Follow up


Texas Stone Fabricators will always follow up 3 business days later to assure everything is still great and we encourage our customers to call us with any concerns in the future.